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Who We Are

With an innate passion for baking and decorating Nicole Jones and Hipolita Rodriguez in 2016 established Chillicious Edibles and Events.  The company's mission is to bring joy to people's lives through sweet treats and beautifully decorated events.  The company name Chillicious is derived from their late brother Chill.

Their brother Williams Rodriguez Jr., affectionately known as “Chill, “ was a lively soul who loved to live life to the fullest. He had a love for parties, good times, and especially sweet treats. Nicole and Hipolita were determined to keep his spirit alive by channeling their grief into something that mirrored their brother's zest for life.

With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for perfection, Nicole and Hipolita strive

to make every event a memorable one.

So, when you bite into a 'Chillicious' treat or attend a ‘Chillicious’ decorated event,

you're not just experiencing an exquisite taste or a visual delight –you’re getting

a taste and vision of their passion.

Nicole Jones/ Hipolita Rodriguez
Chillicious Edibles and Events LLC

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